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Projects done by churches in Connecticut that received Mission Match® funds

August 2003

Congregation in Connecticut rebuilds house in Honduras ...click to open/close

The youth of an Episcopal church in Connecticut traveled to Honduras to visit some of the villages impacted by Heifer Project International which provides livestock and training for families so they can feed themselves, provide income and care for the environment. According to Mission Match application materials from the church, "for many years we have supported the Heifer Project through donations made for animals. Having the opportunity to witness first-hand how those donations make a difference will be an enriching experience." The youth also worked with pre-selected families in Honduras to build or rebuild their homes. Additional comments indicated that by having a personal connection with the families in Honduras, "they have a way of knowing that someone cares for them in the name of Christ. And we have the opportunity to learn from them the blessings of a simpler way of life." In follow-up comments the pastor said, "We thank you [Mission Match] for your support and for your desire to encourage Christians to reach out beyond their own building walls."