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Projects done by churches in California that received Mission Match® funds

January 2003

Congregation in California brings ministry and medical care to mothers and children in the Philippines ...click to open/close

A Christian Church/Church of Christ congregation in California raised funds to assist a ministry home in the Philippines. According to Mission Match application materials, the goal of the home is to provide spiritual, emotional and financial aid to single mothers in crisis situations. The money was partly used to support the medical program, which provides care for the mothers and their children. Additional money was used for a low-cost loan program for these mothers in crisis. The team at the ministry home works with the families to get an education to start their own source of income. The home provides funds so the families can get back on their feet and afterwards the loans are paid back at a low rate, allowing the ministry to continue. Follow-up comments from the church stated, "money can do a lot in the mission field, but when you double it, the blessings become immeasurable. We were able to fund the medical program with the aid of Mission Match. The Spirit led us to a source of funds for being obedient to His call to go into the world. We have been blessed beyond words."