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Projects done by churches in Michigan that received Mission Match® funds

Summer 2009

Congregation in Michigan helps with construction in Michigan ...click to open/close

A Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in Michigan sent a team to work with another church at a Summer Work Camp Program in Michigan. The church applied for Mission Match matching funds to assist their youth with this summer work camp. According to the congregation's Mission Match application materials, seven youth and three leaders were to work with another Presbyterian church "on a new construction home for a needy family" in partnership with Habitat for Humanity in the area, "and clean and organize the Restore facilities." They also would have "the opportunity to host a dinner for some of the area partner families and go on a social outing with them." According to materials with the application, the youth "expressed a desire to be stretched beyond their comfort zones," this church is from "a very small rural town with very little racial diversity. The youth expressed a desire to work in an urban setting to express Christ's compassion in a tangible way to those living in poverty. They desired to work for a community in which they learned from and served brothers and sisters that are racially diverse." In follow-up comments to Mission Match from the church, not only did the "youth want to be stretched beyond their comfort zones, especially in the area of understanding urban poverty and racial inequality." Another goal was "to express Christ's love." According to the follow-up comments from the youth director, "I do believe that these goals were accomplished. It was a good experience for the congregation to support a mission trip through giving and the Mission Match, and not through fundraising."