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Projects done in Kenya by congregations that received Mission Match® funds

December 2015

Parish in Illinois provides funds for renovating maternity clinic in Kenya   (click to open/close)

A Roman Catholic parish in Illinois has received its first Mission Match® Matching Contribution. This Matching Contribution went towards helping one of their parishioners, a medical missionary who has been serving in Africa over the past 26 years. This parishioner and her team used the funds to renovate a Diocesan maternity clinic in Kenya. The priest from the parish in Illinois wrote, "Our community is deeply grateful to you for joining with us to help our sisters and brothers in need … Your generous matching gift will help bring Christ's healing touch to all the families who are served by the … Maternity Clinic."

According to the comments the parish passed on from Kenya, the renovation was a great success. "I have never seen a project run so smoothly and actually get done on time within the budget," the medical doctor in Kenya wrote."Am happy that our community has a place to get help on maternal services," wrote another team member.

Support documentation said the Kenyan Archdiocese has a goal of providing high quality health care service to all regardless of ethnicity, religious preference, race, or sex. The Archdiocese’s 19 clinics serve a population of over 3 million people.

September 2015

Congregation in Kentucky provides housing and food for widows and orphans, first aid training to women and church leaders, and holds conference on benefits of vegetable gardening.   (click to open/close)

A Southern Baptist Church congregation in Kentucky received its first Mission Match matching contribution to send 7 mission team members to Nairobi and Ahero, Kenya. As described in the Mission Match application, the congregation’s mission project included: “Build 2-3 houses for widows, basic 1st aid training to approx. 100 women and 100 church leaders, provide bulk food items for 200 widows and orphans, conference on how to benefit from small scale vegetable gardening, sharing the gospel in area public schools.”

According to the church’s follow up comments response, these goals were met. "I am confident that the promotional and fund raising activities before the trip raised mission awareness, as evidenced by the involvement and giving." Additional comments state, "the promise of matching funds really helped to motivate our people to give. The giving towards this mission project exceeded our expectations."

September 2011

Congregation in Washington State provides educational and humanitarian support to people in Nairobi, Kenya.   (click to open/close)

A Southern Baptist congregation in the State of Washington received a Mission Match matching contribution to help fund a mission trip to Kenya, Africa. According to materials received from the congregation on the Mission Match application, the mission trip was to go to Nairobi, Kenya and the city outskirts. Comments on their application from the church indicated, "After much research and praying we have been led to Kenya this year. Our goals are two-fold -- educational support and humanitarian support. Our team plans to teach theology classes, help get their computers and lab up and running, provide training for the staff and conduct a leadership seminar. Our team will also provide curriculum and teaching both in English and subjects to be determined. Our church will be collecting shoes, food, medical supplies and Bibles to donate. We also will build houses for widows." Follow-up comments from the congregation indicated, "The goal of our project was to develop a relationship with the Kenyan people in order that we might minister to them year after year. Our congregation was looking for a place to serve, with the talents and passion we had to offer ... and that's where God led us. Our team had a hard time leaving the country. It was emotional—we fell in love with the people, and we couldn't stop talking about them and future projects all the way home! We have already initiated three projects with the Kenyan people and a second trip is planned. A water tank was set up so that orphan children could have relatively clean water. One family house of 46 orphans received shoes and socks and a pantry full of food. The mud house building process was used to build a new house for a widow and her 9 children along with an aunt and two grandmas who also took up residence in the tiny house. We have set up a pen pal program between students in Kenya and our children's department at our church. Already over 60 letters have arrived from Kenya and our kids are eagerly returning them. They are learning about Kenya and about giving of themselves for the greater good. Mission Match has helped our congregation grow in their mission giving for sure. Because we had the goal to raise funds, our people were challenged by the Holy Spirit to give beyond their means and then watch to see how God used their faith for His glory. Our church is over 60% senior citizens on a fixed income! When the team reported back to the congregation what we were actually able to accomplish, it was incredible to see the joy and satisfaction they had in their hearts for getting to be a part of it all. It was as if they had gone themselves!

March 2010

Congregation in Indiana delivers and installs water purification system, builds a house, conducts medical clinics and more in Kenya, Africa   (click to open/close)

A Southern Baptist congregation in Indiana received a second Mission Match matching contribution to fund a mission trip to Kenya, Africa. According to the Mission Match Mission Spending Percentage Calculator from the church, total mission spending for the congregation, as a portion of total spending, was 11% annually in the year before the Mission Match matching contribution was received. Mission spending as a portion of total congregational spending increased to 30% annually in the year the first Mission Match matching contribution was received. The pastor commented on the Spending Calculator, "Thanks for your help. You are really assisting us to catch a vision for world missions." The Mission Match application materials for the second application from the church stated, "Thank you for your support for our mission trip last year. We were surprised to see the report from our trip on your web page! Thank you for using our report to encourage others in their mission efforts. We feel there is so much more we can do to help the folks we met last year." The materials continued, "We will take a water purification system and install it in one of the local villages, conduct dental and first aid clinics, build a house, and distribute Bibles. Our pastor hopes to conduct a pastoral training event for local pastors." The church pastor wrote in supporting application materials, "Last year's trip was truly amazing, and we are praying that we will be allowed to build on that this year." In materials distributed to the Indiana church members it stated, "What a great opportunity to double your impact in a very needy area!" Following completion of the mission trip the pastor's follow-up comments to Mission Match stated, "The water purification system was delivered and six additional men were trained on its use. We also checked up on the water system delivered last year. Water tanks were installed in three locations. Two houses were built for widows. 121 people were treated at the dental clinic. 26 churches received first aid kits and training. The pastors and wives conference was attended by 30 pastors, 30 wives and 50 children. 300 New Testaments were distributed, plus a lot of other good stuff." The Indiana pastor also stated in his follow-up Mission Match comments, "I am hoping that the reports of all the many ways that the Lord used our small efforts to bless people and build His kingdom will encourage our congregation to be more interested and involved in world missions."

Summer 2009

Congregation in New York builds a new primary school, ministers to youth, and trains teachers in Kenya   (click to open/close)

An American Baptist church in New York received a second Mission Match matching contribution to fund a mission project in Kenya, Africa. According to the congregation's Mission Match application cover letter "we have been working collaboratively with our sister church in Kenya since 2002." According to the Mission Match application materials, the funds were to be used for "youth ministries, teacher training, and construction of a new building for the primary school, including leveling and seeding the assembly/play area." According to follow-up comments from the congregation: "Our goals were to work with our brothers and sisters in [Kenya] to (a) build a new primary school; (b) drill a bore hole for water; (c) conduct youth ministry activities; (d) conduct professional development for area teachers; (e) hold rabies clinics; and (f) level and seed the assembly/play area at the primary school. All of these goals have been achieved with the last (f) scheduled for completion this summer." Additional comments from the New York church stated, "Mission Match has allowed our congregation to realize that even a small amount of money can grow into life-changing efforts. Our congregation's willingness to give more to missions increased as a result of Mission Match. It is a wonderful opportunity to increase mission giving and awareness."

March 2009

Congregation in Indiana provides health intervention in Kenya   (click to open/close)

A Southern Baptist congregation from Indiana sent a team of 7 to Kenya, Africa. "We will deliver a portable water purification system and execute four medical/first aid clinics for adults and children in order to reduce the occurrence of water-borne and hygiene-related illness in villages around Kenya," according to the congregation's Mission Match application. The application materials also said, "We want to take a water purification system and train local people on its operation, conduct Bible studies, and health clinics, provide some assistance with everyday needs such as clothing, and do some sports clinics with the kids." In a follow-up Mission Match report the church stated that the installation was completed and two local men were trained to maintain and operate the system. In an effort to reduce the occurrence of water-borne and hygiene-related illness, several medical and first aid clinics were conducted. The report continues, "There were 23 local Kenyan churches represented at the first aid trainings and each church received a first aid kit. 430 children were given oral hygiene training and toothbrushes; 54 people received free dental treatment. Bibles and tracts, as well as over 2,000 pounds of grain were given to the local people. A house was built for a widow with 7 children and a house rebuilt for a family where the roof had collapsed. Much needed supplies were also delivered to a local orphanage." The follow-up report continued, "The Mission Match funds really encouraged the people of our congregation to see greater possibilities for this project. There even seems to be substantial support for follow-up work and perhaps another mission trip."

January 2008

Congregation in Minnesota gives supplies to an orphanage in Kenya   (click to open/close)

An Evangelical Lutheran Church in America congregation in Minnesota listed two main purposes for their mission trip to Kenya. According to the congregation's Mission Match application they were: 1) to bring hope and encouragement to women and pastors by preaching and teaching at two scheduled conferences; and 2) to directly distribute humanitarian aid to those most in need. According to the church's follow-up report, they purchased and presented goats, beehives, medical supplies, vitamins, clothing, Swahili Bibles, food, and school supplies to an orphanage. They also taught a pastor's leadership conference and women's conference. Additional funds raised were used to supply a well in a slum area outside of the town where the team worked. "It was very much needed."

October 2007

Congregation in Kentucky trains women in mission outreach in Kenya   (click to open/close)

A non-denominational church in Kentucky sent a team to Kenya. According to Mission Match application materials from the congregation, they "helped to train women in mission outreach by teaching seminars, holding revival meetings, and carrying out one-on-one ministry." According the application materials, the congregation also "provided blankets for an orphanage, ministry materials, and teaching materials for the seminars." Follow-up comments from the congregation to Mission Match reported, "The goal of our project is to reach out to other nations in fulfilling the great commission and to train and instruct others to do the same." They also said, "Mission Match caused our congregation to become aware of the need of other countries and it also sparked creativity in ideas of ways to help and bless others. This is a great program that truly blesses smaller ministries like ours and helps us to be able to do more mission work."

August 2007

Congregation in New York does kitchen construction, youth ministry, teacher training, and drilling of a bore hole in Kenya   (click to open/close)

An American Baptist church in New York sent a team to Kenya to work with its "sister church." According to the congregation's Mission Match application, they wanted "to establish and sustain child and youth ministries in a village, plan and implement ongoing teacher training for the teachers at the local primary school, construct a new building for the school, and drill a bore hole to provide clean water to the communities in the area. This was a multiple year project started in 2002." The materials from the congregation indicated that the work done on this specific trip was to "complete the kitchen for the school (which will complete the new school), have three days of youth ministry activities for approximately 1,200 youth from the village and two neighboring villages, have two days of professional development workshops for the teachers of the 14 primary schools in the local educational zone, begin drilling a water bore hole, hold rabies clinics at two sites for dogs in the village and the two neighboring villages, and continue building and deepening relationships with their brothers and sisters in the area." According to a Mission Match follow-up report from the mission team leader, "Our congregation was challenged when we learned of Mission Match. The congregation's willingness to give more to missions and to this mission project in particular increased as a result of Mission March. This is an excellent opportunity for increased mission awareness and giving."