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Projects done in Haiti by congregations that received Mission Match® funds

October 2016

Congregation in Tennessee sends team to Haiti to provide medical and dental services, operate a feeding ministry for children, and provide help at a girls’ orphanage.   (click to open/close)

A Southern Baptist congregation in Tennessee received its first Mission Match Matching Contribution to send a team to Haiti, partnering with a Christian helping agency there.

According to their follow-up report, the team conducted five days of medical and dental clinics. They also operated a feeding ministry through which they provided hot meals to over 2,100 children in five days. Additionally, the team helped a local girls' orphanage by doing construction projects as well as assisting the orphanage workers to care for the children.

Fourteen of the 24 mission team members were on last year's trip. These returning members have been sponsoring children at the orphanage, maintaining an ongoing relationship with the children. This trip also inspired new mission team members to begin sponsorship relationships with children they met at the orphanage.

A team member stated being part of the mission trip helped to expand her understanding of what God is doing all around the world, rather than just in her own town.

A second team member said that her time in Haiti has caused her to fall in love with the Haitian people.

A third team member said that it was exciting to see what God is doing in Haiti and that she came home with a new sense of enthusiasm and motivation to be a more active church member.

"Mission trips change lives," said the pastor of this congregation.

September 2016

Congregation in Indiana sends a team to Haiti to work on a construction project, feed hungry children, and provide medical/dental assistance.   (click to open/close)

A non-denominational congregation from Indiana received its second Mission Match Matching Contribution to send a team to Haiti to work with a Christian agency there. The team worked on a construction project to build a girls' orphanage. Although the team did not see the project through to completion, several of the team members plan to return this winter to continue the construction. Other members of the team provided rice and beans to local children, many of whom get only one or no meals each day. The team also provided medical and dental services. A response from the congregation’s follow-up comments stated:

"Our team averaged 150 patients a day in the medical clinic (with a high of 195 on the last day) and 100 patients a day in the dental clinic. We saw some very ill people - some we were able to heal (in Jesus' name) and some we were only able to comfort. We prayed with many of them!"

Additional follow-up comments were, "Our goal at [church] is to get people thinking globally. If they don’t feel called to go on mission trips, then financially support those who do feel called."

The congregation's initial application letter stated, "We are very excited that more people are interested in going to Haiti this year. It is our desire to eventually have teams going on international trips several times a year." On this mission trip, there were new members on the team, for whom this was their first mission trip. Follow-up comments stated, "They both said that the trip was life-changing, and they plan to return to Haiti next year!"

September 2015

Congregation from Indiana sends mission team to Haiti to teach, and build, and love.   (click to open/close)

A Southern Baptist church in Indiana received its first Mission Match Matching Contribution to send church members on a mission trip to Haiti. While there, the team ran Bible schools and provided nourishment for children, helped finish construction on a hospital bathroom, and completed the plumbing and wiring for a girls’ transitional housing project.

The follow-up report stated: "empty tomb Mission Match was such a huge blessing. It afforded life changing work in the hearts and lives of all who participated. The team will be forever challenged to do more than ever!" The congregation "dug deep and gave from their hearts" in order to collect the monies needed to provide food for the extended village they were hosted by. Additional follow-up comments were: "As a result of this trip, a total of 17 people have committed to sponsoring 20 children." The team wants to return to Haiti in 2016.

September 2015

Congregation in Indiana sends team to Haiti to provide help in building shelter for a girls’ orphanage and distribute food to children.   (click to open/close)

A non-denominational church in Indiana received a Mission Match Matching Contribution to send five church members to go on a mission trip to Haiti with a Christian relief ministry. The follow-up report stated: "The trip was originally supposed to be a medical/dental mission … God put together a different team than was expected. We had many construction/builders so some of the team worked on a girls' orphanage to provide shelter for children while others fed beans/rice to hungry children."

Additional follow-up comments were: "The trip was a HUGE success! … The team came back passionate about missions with plans to go back to Haiti as soon as possible. They are 'whetting the appetite' of their church family … in hopes of recruiting more people for mission work. None of this would have been possible without your help!"

June 2005

Congregation in Massachusetts provides a water purification system for community in Haiti   (click to open/close)

The youth at an Episcopal church in Massachusetts raised money to provide an entire community in Haiti with a water purification system. According to the congregation's Mission Match application materials, the middle school youth of this Episcopal church raised money for an entire year to buy this reliable source of pure drinking water. The materials stated that, "Haiti ranks last on the International Water Poverty Index, less than half of Haiti's population had access to clean drinking water and one Haitian child in 12 dies before reaching age 5." In their application, the young people provided statistics on child deaths due to unclean water to support their request for the $3,000 Mission Match option. According to materials from the church, "this project has been inspired by our youth in grades 6 & 7." According to the materials, "two young people gave a sermon based on John's Gospel about the Samaritan Woman at the Well" as a way to start communicating to the congregation about this project. In response to doubts expressed by an adult leader on the ambitious goal of the youth, one youth said, "Let's think big, that's the way God is." According to the Mission Match application, "This project is significant in that it is a youth initiative which is inspiring interest, enthusiasm and involvement among many of our parishioners. As our 6th and 7th graders are contributing so much via their time, creativity, event coordination and overall leadership, we hope that success in this project will lead to a longer-term congregational commitment to Haiti." A pamphlet created to promote this project was called "Mission: Possible" and helped convey the scope and urgency of the need for safe water. The church pastor said, "We see this project as a vehicle for the Holy Spirit to work in our youth, our entire congregation and the communities in which we live, as we join with many of our local brothers and sisters to help some of our distant ones. The youth have confidence that God would make this happen." According to a Mission Match follow-up letter the Youth Coordinator stated, "Thank you for giving us such a great boost (in both finances and enthusiasm)! Our entire church has been very supportive of - and actively engaged in - this outreach effort. I believe this journey we're taking will affect many lives, both here and in Haiti."

Fall 2002

Congregation in Illinois trains women in Haiti   (click to open/close)

A Free Methodist church in Illinois provided funds for teaching women in Haiti solar cooking methods and training them in women's ministry. According to materials from the church, the "money will go in its entirety to Haiti to meet human needs there." Follow-up comments to Mission Match from the church said, "For our efforts we have the pleasure of a project done together and renewed faith in God's ability to multiply our efforts for His Kingdom."