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Projects done in Cambodia by congregations that received Mission Match® funds

July 2007

Congregation in Illinois preaches Gospel and teaches English in Mongolia, China, Cambodia, and South Korea   (click to open/close)

A United Methodist church in Illinois sent a mission team to Mongolia, China, Cambodia and South Korea to preach the Gospel and teach English to students and children.

Fall 2006

Congregation in Texas builds a discipleship training center in Cambodia   (click to open/close)

An American Baptist church in Texas helped build a Discipleship Training Center sponsored by a church in Cambodia. According to the congregation's Mission Match application materials, "This facility will be used to teach and educate future pastors and church leaders. The funds raised were used for building supplies and labor costs of erecting the new building." According to follow-up comments from the congregation, "The Mission Match program really encouraged our church to see the opportunities on the mission field, and also helped our church members to recognize how much they have been blessed with financially, and how they can use that for Kingdom purposes."

January 2003

Congregation in Ohio sends minister to Cambodia to teach short term   (click to open/close)

The Senior Minister from a Church of Christ in Ohio traveled to Cambodia for a series of leadership training sessions and teachings. According to materials received from the church requesting Mission Match support, the pastor shared that he met "with Cambodian national church leaders from the Christian churches. He spoke through a translator teaching New Testament theology and spread God's good news to the people in Cambodia. Since God has blessed the various teachers going to Cambodia, the number of sites for teaching increased from four to five." The pastor said in follow-up comments sent to Mission Match, "We had 357 baptisms today and tomorrow we will have over 100 more. We baptized a couple of ladies in their 90's. Today I've seen the power of the good news on hearts ready to turn to God." According to the pastor's comments, many more people were baptized daily after teachings and one house church increased from 20 to 450 members by the end of the teachings. The pastor indicated that Bibles were desperately needed and the Ohio church provided resources to give many Bibles away. According to the follow-up report, the Cambodian people were most anxious to have Bibles, even beyond the amount that had been planned. Many more Bibles were provided when a local Cambodian print shop was able to print additional Bibles for distribution. During the time in Cambodia, two pieces of land were donated and prayed over. According to the pastor, it is planned that the land will be used for a future Bible College and Conference center. The pastor concluded one day's reflections after much preaching and many baptisms with this quote: "Today I've been reminded God lets us work with Him and see Him Glorify His name."