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Projects done in Angola by congregations that received Mission Match® funds

August 2004

Youth of congregation in Kentucky bring vitamins to children in Angola   (click to open/close)

The youth at a Southern Baptist church in Kentucky raised funds to purchase children's multi-vitamins to help stop global child deaths in Angola. According to the Mission Match application materials from the congregation, "the majority of the communication involved with this fundraising was done by our youth. They were the primary fundraisers, learning of the needs of the Angolan children, working for their contributions, and communicating the need within our church. Our youth department made several posters for this project 'Children's Vitamins for Angola,' took offerings from their department, and then went around to all adult Sunday School departments explaining this mission." According to follow-up comments to Mission Match, the team traveled to three areas in Angola where the children were seen in medical clinics by a team of medical mission care providers, one of whom is a registered nurse and Associate Pastor at the Kentucky church. According to comments from the congregation, the vitamins purchased by the Kentucky congregation were given to the mothers of the children who were brought to the clinics. Further comments said "This provided an opportunity for our youth to be involved directly with raising money for a project, seeing that money multiplied, and then hearing of the results of their project efforts. Thank you for your generosity."