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Projects done in Tanzania by congregations that received Mission Match® funds

April 2016

Congregation from Illinois supports a missionary doing Bible translation in Tanzania.   (click to open/close)

A United Methodist church from Illinois received its third Mission Match Matching Contribution. This time they wanted to support a missionary who works with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Tanzania, Africa. In her update, the missionary stated, "Most of the language groups we work with were oral societies, and did not have a written orthography (alphabet). Language assessment teams and linguists spend many years learning the language, identifying the sounds and creating a written alphabet, recording vocabulary, and studying how the grammar works ... As we get closer to the finished publications, there is more and more spiritual opposition." Later in her update, the missionary also stated, "I can’t help but think that every day we are delayed, how many fewer people will live to know?" She asks for specific prayer that God would continue to protect this work.

A member of the mission team at the church receiving the Matching Contribution commented about the effect of participation in Mission Match: "I feel that people are growing in their mission awareness and also in their giving. Working with R_(missionary) has given us the opportunity to know more about the global impact that we can have on bringing Christ to others." Additional comments were made by this member of the church's mission team, regarding the growing interest in missions within the congregation: "Our Mission Committee is looking at working with another mission in Africa. We are just starting to look but there is great interest in this type of mission work."

July 2012

Congregation in Illinois provides support for missionary to Tanzania, Africa, for Bible translation   (click to open/close)

  A United Methodist Congregation in Illinois received a second Mission Match matching contribution. The application materials from the congregation stated the intention to “support a new missionary to Tanzania, Africa who will be affiliated with Wycliffe Bible Translators. [The missionary] will be working wit local churches in Africa to translate biblical stories into the native language, and will additionally be working to develop bible curriculum in the native language, so that local pastors and lay leaders will have instruction on how to teach bible stories and concepts to children.
  The application materials from the congregation also stated, "Last year our congregation supported [the missionary] with a nominal gift directly from our mission fund. This year we feel led to do much more."
  Follow-up comments from the congregation state, "Our goal was to help support a new relationship with a missionary [who] is a new missionary who felt God's call to be a bible translator to tribes in Tanzania, Africa. With the help of the Mission Match contribution, we were able to accomplish the goal of providing sufficient support for [the missionary] to begin ministry."
  The follow-up comments from the congregation also included a statement from the pastor that reads, " … the 'match' plan is a very good motivator for giving. We announced that Mission Match would match our giving up to $1,500, and we far surpassed that amount. Also entering into a relationship with a missionary has a been a goal of ours for awhile, and Mission Match helped us enter into this relationship with more funding than we’d have been able to give. This excited both our congregation and [the missionary]."

June - July 2008

Congregation in Tennessee provides medical care in Tanzania   (click to open/close)

A United Methodist Church in Tennessee sent a team to Tanzania. According to the congregation's Mission Match application materials, the "team of seven includes a pediatrician, a nurse, and a teacher. The team will provide health care, English teaching, computer instruction, and assistance with small construction projects." According to these application materials, by providing "hands-on medical care, hygiene, language and technology instruction we can give them the means to improve their future for the long term, share the love of Jesus Christ face to face, and tell them the good news about an eternity in heaven."

Summer 2004

Congregation in Illinois educates and trains illiterate church women in Malawi and Tanzania   (click to open/close)

A Free Methodist church in Illinois funded projects in Malawi and Tanzania. According to the congregation's Mission Match application materials, one project included educating illiterate churchwomen in Malawi and the other project was training a Free Methodist woman pastor in Tanzania to run a preschool program.