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Mission Match Applications are not being accepted at this time.

On May 31, 2016, Mission Match reached its current distribution level.

This notice will be removed when Mission Match Matching Contribution funds to be distributed are at a level such that applications are again being accepted.

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The Church is God's answer:
More churches doing more missions is
more of what God wants.

September 2016

Congregation in Indiana sends a team to Haiti to work on a construction project, feed hungry children, and provide medical/dental assistance.   (click to open/close)

A non-denominational congregation from Indiana received its second Mission Match Matching Contribution to send a team to Haiti to work with a Christian agency there. The team worked on a construction project to build a girls' orphanage. Although the team did not see the project through to completion, several of the team members plan to return this winter to continue the construction. Other members of the team provided rice and beans to local children, many of whom get only one or no meals each day. The team also provided medical and dental services. A response from the congregation’s follow-up comments stated:

"Our team averaged 150 patients a day in the medical clinic (with a high of 195 on the last day) and 100 patients a day in the dental clinic. We saw some very ill people - some we were able to heal (in Jesus' name) and some we were only able to comfort. We prayed with many of them!"

Additional follow-up comments were, "Our goal at [church] is to get people thinking globally. If they don’t feel called to go on mission trips, then financially support those who do feel called."

The congregation's initial application letter stated, "We are very excited that more people are interested in going to Haiti this year. It is our desire to eventually have teams going on international trips several times a year." On this mission trip, there were new members on the team, for whom this was their first mission trip. Follow-up comments stated, "They both said that the trip was life-changing, and they plan to return to Haiti next year!"

June 2016

Congregation in Indiana provides help in building a home for a pastor and his family, visit homes near the site to distribute food, Bibles and pray with those in need.   (click to open/close)

A Southern Baptist Church congregation in Indiana received its first Mission Match Matching Contribution for a team trip to Nicaragua. They planned to build a house for a local pastor, and reach out into the community.

Some years ago, the mission agency coordinating the trip asked this same pastor if he wanted a new home, since rain poured in his roof. At that time, the pastor said he would prefer Sunday school classrooms so the children could gather. The agency built the classrooms back then.

Now, the mission agency wanted help building the pastor in Nicaragua a home. That’s where the Indiana congregation came in. The mission team spent one week building the new home, as well as, going door-to-door distributing food, Bibles and praying with those in need. They also invited the local people to attend a nearby church.

April 2016

Congregation from Illinois supports a missionary doing Bible translation in Tanzania.   (click to open/close)

A United Methodist church from Illinois received its third Mission Match Matching Contribution. This time they wanted to support a missionary who works with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Tanzania, Africa. In her update, the missionary stated, "Most of the language groups we work with were oral societies, and did not have a written orthography (alphabet). Language assessment teams and linguists spend many years learning the language, identifying the sounds and creating a written alphabet, recording vocabulary, and studying how the grammar works ... As we get closer to the finished publications, there is more and more spiritual opposition." Later in her update, the missionary also stated, "I can’t help but think that every day we are delayed, how many fewer people will live to know?" She asks for specific prayer that God would continue to protect this work.

A member of the mission team at the church receiving the Matching Contribution commented about the effect of participation in Mission Match: "I feel that people are growing in their mission awareness and also in their giving. Working with R_(missionary) has given us the opportunity to know more about the global impact that we can have on bringing Christ to others." Additional comments were made by this member of the church's mission team, regarding the growing interest in missions within the congregation: "Our Mission Committee is looking at working with another mission in Africa. We are just starting to look but there is great interest in this type of mission work."

December 2015

Parish in Illinois provides funds for renovating maternity clinic in Kenya   (click to open/close)

A Roman Catholic parish in Illinois has received its first Mission Match® Matching Contribution. This Matching Contribution went towards helping one of their parishioners, a medical missionary who has been serving in Africa over the past 26 years. This parishioner and her team used the funds to renovate a Diocesan maternity clinic in Kenya. The priest from the parish in Illinois wrote, "Our community is deeply grateful to you for joining with us to help our sisters and brothers in need … Your generous matching gift will help bring Christ's healing touch to all the families who are served by the … Maternity Clinic."

According to the comments the parish passed on from Kenya, the renovation was a great success. "I have never seen a project run so smoothly and actually get done on time within the budget," the medical doctor in Kenya wrote."Am happy that our community has a place to get help on maternal services," wrote another team member.

Support documentation said the Kenyan Archdiocese has a goal of providing high quality health care service to all regardless of ethnicity, religious preference, race, or sex. The Archdiocese’s 19 clinics serve a population of over 3 million people.